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Brett Rader's Bio

When I gave my last notice in the corporate world before opening our trout shop and guide service the one thing I heard more than anything else was ..."Brett, you're doing what everyone else wishes they could do". Not so much as opening a guide service/trout shop in particular but starting your own business and doing what you love to do. We are definitely doing that. With the support and hard work of my son Marlin and my daughter McKenna we are thrilled to bring you Chartered Waters with its many great services. My father's work as an aeronautical engineer had our family moving around quite a bit when I was younger. Born in California, we then moved to Pennsylvania where we used to troll for trout in one of the big impoundment lakes there using big flashing dodgers with a little wet fly trailing behind. I was only about 5 at the time but vividly remember the little rainbows we would pull aboard and have always had a particular fondness for trout. We moved to Lebanon, Ohio where I spent most of my youth chasing every kind of fish that swims. I took regular pilgrimages to the Mad River in northern Ohio chasing high pressured rainbows there. Lake Erie smallmouth were one of my favorite targets as well and to this day I had one of my best fishing days of my life on Lake Erie camping on South Bass Island one spring weekend with my brother. We caught the perfect conditions that weekend and in one day I managed to catch a 5 -1/2 pound smallmouth, a 7 lb Walleye, a 4 pound white bass, a 9 pound drum and a surprise bonus coho salmon about 7 lbs. It was one of those magical days my brother and I still talk about catching 4 fish eligible for Fish Ohio awards. Around the age of 11 I bought my first fly rod. A big ole honkin 9 wt and honestly, I didn't really know there were different sizes of fly rods. I taught myself how to cast through trial and error. I whipped off more than one of those cheesy Kmart dry flies before understanding the 10:00 - 2:00 rule and pausing between strokes. I never used backing or leaders...didn't know what they were at first but I did figure out myself that tying on lengths of regular fishing line decreasing in size down to the fly would make me cast better. I started learning about bugs and hatches and figured out that mosquitoes have a purpose...the fish seemed to be eating them and I could tie on a mosquito pattern and catch a ton of bluegill with it. From there I got a few books and started to learn about some of those "details" like backing, tapered leaders, matching the line size to your rod...flies other than dry flies. I tied my first fly at age 15. A black nosed Dace pattern shown in a book that came in the kit that my mom bought me. I threw that thing around my dad's farm pond clumsily at first and I was always frustrated how those largemouth would swim up to it quickly then stop short of hitting it while I stripped it in. Once after a particularly bad cast I was stripping it in as fast as I could to recast when a 2 lb bass just raced up from nowhere and hammered it. I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but I did realize what happened in that scenario. The fast retrieve simulated an escaping baitfish which triggered a reaction strike from those largemouth. It was one of the first experiences I had with figuring out a bite with a fly rod and it has remained with me to this day. I went from thinking these fish can't be caught with a fly rod to thinking...ANY fish can be caught with a fly rod.

During the early years of my life (from age 7 to early 20's) I raced Supercross and MotoCross. I was always one of two places back then. Racing/working out or down at Markey Creek behind our house chasing smallmouth, bluegill, creek chubs or anything else interested in my flies. I was a very dedicated young athlete at the time running 6-8 miles a day and I think I didn't have my first beer until age 21. People who know me now have a hard time believing my racing past but it's true. Believe me, my mother would have gladly taken you through her scrapbook collections. I was even pretty decent at it winning a couple of amateur National Championships. I turned pro at 21 and had a good rookie campaign but had a bad accident early the next year where I blew out my ACL (knee) and that ended that part of my life. Time to get a real I went to and graduated college at Hocking Tech in southern Ohio getting a degree in Wildlife Management with a minor in Art. I went to Ohio State for a year pursuing a Fisheries Biology degree when I got an opportunity in the commercial art field. I took that job which propelled me to bigger and better things in the creative art world which included Director positions at Starter Sportswear in New Haven, Connecticut and most recently American Identity (now Staples Promotions) in Kansas City. In those jobs I was responsible for creating corporate identity, product and logo designs among others. It was in Salem, New Hampshire where I met Shelley working at a company called Salem Sportswear. I left that company to be Starter's Creative Director. Around 1992 I moved from Branford, CT to Peculiar, Missouri and I took the job at American Identity in Kansas City. Marlin is my best friend and Mckenna is by my side every minute I'm not on the water. The kids can handle a fly rod with the best of them.

All through my former travels I was always looking for the nearest trout water. While Ohio was a little lean on trout streams Connecticut had close access to some great water. I took two summer credit classes while in College working as a summer camp baseball instructor in West Ossipee, New Hampshire. I spent every spare moment wading the little roadside streams catching countless little brookies and the occasional rainbow. Since moving to Missouri I have fallen in love with the Ozarks beauty and prior to getting my own place in Hollister I would spend all of my free time down here chasing Ozark trout. Yes, I love it here. I decided to put everything I have in to starting Chartered Waters and I feel I have the best and most comprehensive service available on the Lake Taneycomo Tailwater and area Ozark Trout streams. We are having the time of our lives here and we hope you let us share our love of the Ozarks and trout fishing with you. Take some time to cruise our web site and give us a call if you have any questions. Thanks for listening and we hope to hear from you real soon. Have a great day!

Brett, Marlin and McKenna Rader

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