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Chartered Waters Questions and Answers

What do I need to bring with me on a guided trip? Check the what we provide section of the guide services page

Where are you located? We are located at 1326 Acacia Club rd. in Hollister, Missouri.

What are your store hours? Monday through Saturday - 8:00 to 5:00

Where can I see what dates are available? Check our availability page.

What is included with a guided trip? We provide everything you will need to enjoy a day of catching fish.

What are your guide trip prices? For the latest pricing information check our guide services page

What flies are working? For the latest hot flies check the fly of the week page.

Do you rent equipment? Yes we do. For pricing see the rental equipment page.

What is the limit of fish you can keep? The Missouri state laws allow for each person to be able to keep 4 fish per day. We fish primarily in the Trophy Trout section of the river where there is a slot limit. In that slot limit you can keep fish under 12" or over 20". Every fish between those two size must be released. Our policy is that we will also release all fish caught that exceed 20". It's healthier for the fishery and if you want to mount a trophy we provide Catch and Release replica mounts that only need a photograph to reproduce. They look better and last longer and that same fish will give someone else the thrill of a lifetime. If you want to keep a few fish for dinner then we recommend keeping the under 12" fish. The fishery is healthy enough where it won't hurt taking a few smaller fish out now and then.

Where do you fish? Our Shop is located on Lake Taneycomo which is a tailwater trout river. We primarily fish on Taneycomo but other area Ozark trout streams are available for guided trips.

How do you fish? We are fly fishermen first and foremost and our techniques are numerous. We wade fish, fish from a boat and a combination of both. From nymph fishing below indicators, swinging G-Bugs and soft hackles, stripping streamers and sculpins to dry fly fishing, we do it all and then some but will focus on the best technique for that particular day unless you just want to learn something new. Our techniques and fly patterns are truly innovative and we are well known for not only catching great numbers of fish but the very best at catching the biggest trophy trout by stalking and sight casting. We also take spin fishing trips utilizing the same flies and set ups we use for the fly fisherman. It's very productive and often the first step towards entering the world of fly fishing.

What kind of numbers and size of fish can I expect to catch? You can always expect good numbers of trout caught on every trip. 100 plus fish days on all day trips are the norm rather than the exception. The water temps stay basically the same all year long so the bite is consistently good 365 days a year. These fish are very fast takers of your flies so the faster you are the more you catch. Even if you're not the quickest on the hookset, you will still catch a lot of fish and there is always lots of good action. We catch fish over 20" in length every month of the year with many fish in the 16" - 18". The best time for the biggest rainbows runs from October through May with December through March the best time for them. The biggest brown trout tend to come from September through December with October/November the best time for the biggest ones. Fish over 28" in length and topping the 15 - 20 pound mark fall every year for us and we release every one of them. The customers on our guided trips catch literally hundreds of fish over 20" every year with us. Most years it's anywhere from 200 and 400 fish over 20" caught.

FAQ's - If it's not here please email us with your question and we will respond quickly.

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