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This page is an ever expanding collection of tips, tricks, info, random thoughts and posts from some of our good friends and customers. If you have a little piece of fly fishing info or even a humorous anecdote that you think others might find interesting please feel free to share it with us. We'll post it here and give you credit and hopefully it will make everyone a better fisherman or maybe just a bring a smile to someone sitting behind a desk.




"You catch trout in 2" of water...the top inch and the bottom inch".


Someone wiser than me said this and I quote it often. In fact, my Taneycomo version continues with, "...and in this tailwater, 90% of the time it's on the bottom". These fish eat scuds and sow bugs mostly and they are on if not in the bottom doing that deed. When the local population have noses rubbed raw from digging in the rocks you can safely assume they are working the bottom pretty hard. Something to remember when fishing this tailwater. If you're not snagging the bottom every once in a while you're not fishing deep enough.


Continuing on that theme.. When the water generates here the fish go straight down to the bottom. They're looking for some structure to hide in to break the current and to wait for passing food. Figure out how deep you need to fish to get to the bottom...then double that! A little tongue in cheek but seriously, the vast majority of fly fishermen here never fish deep enough during generation.


When it's rainy or overcast skies, use purple. I can't tell you why that is other than it works. Purple Soft Shelled Scuds, G-Bugs, Bit Scuds, Crown Midges...just make sure it's purple.


When the water drops and the bite gets tough...go smaller. Smaller flies, smaller tippet. The fish have been feed by running water. When it starts to drop they're full and less interested in feeding. Smaller bugs will get their interest but be ready as the dropping water/tough bite have them lightning fast on their takes.

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