Catch Fish GUARANTEED!!!...or your trip is FREE!!! It's as simple as that. We think we are the best guide service in the Ozarks. We back that up with our guarantee. I don't know of any other guide service in Missouri who makes that claim. You take any guided trip with us and we guarantee you will catch fish or your trip is free. We don't have bad days on the lake....we catch fish.

   When I was a kid I went on many guided trips and charter boats with my dad and brother. Sometimes we caught fish...sometimes we didn't. We always paid regardless of our success. That always bothered me. I would think...."I could have done that". I also thought that I would never charge people who didn't catch fish if I was their guide. Some of my fishing friends think I'm a little nuts making this guarantee. I say, why WOULDN'T you make that guarantee? When I tell people that I've never had a bad day on the lake I'm sure to some I sound like any other blowhard trying to get a customer. But that's why we have the guarantee. We back up our words with actions. I hope you pick Chartered Waters for your next trout fishing adventure. I hope our guarantee shows you that we are serious about getting you catching fish. We have a blast fishing here at Chartered Waters. You will learn a lot about catching trout with us. We want you to have the knowledge to catch fish. A good guide will not only catch fish for you but educate you so you have the ability and skill set to do it yourself next time out.

  We don't have any fine print in our guarantee but we do have one guideline. You need to take our advice and guidance on where and how to fish at any given time. In other words, if you want to do nothing but fish bumblebee patterns on the surface, you'll probably catch some some fish, but that's probably not what we would recommend.

 Lake Taneycomo - Our home waters and where we have our home, business and private dock. One of the best trout waters in the country and FISHES GREAT 365 DAYS A YEAR.

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