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Chartered Waters Guide Service

Welcome to the original Ozarks Guaranteed Guide Service. Our guarantee is simple. You will catch fish on your trip with us or your trip is absolutely free. We have had a 100% success rate the entire time we've been in operation and that includes first time fly fishermen who have never touched a fly rod before meeting us. 100 fish days are not uncommon and if it's big fish you're after, we have perfected that pursuit. Our Trout Shop is literally on the banks of the Upper Lake Taneycomo Tailwater (at the 18 mile mark) just a short 4 miles below Table Rock dam. About a 10 minute boat ride and about the same in your car.

Our reputation is, the premier fly fishing guide service here on Taneycomo but we welcome spin fishermen who would like to learn a deadly new tactic using our flies with spinning tackle. It's probably something completely new to you but you'll be amazed at how productive and fun it can be. It's kind of a casual introduction in to fly fishing while fishing with equipment (spinning tackle) that you feel comfortable with. You can even play around with a fly rod out there if you get the urge.

Our guided trips are an experience, an education, a whole lot of fun and in most cases...the trip of a lifetime. We offer an extensive range of services covering a wide variety of techniques, original fly patterns, different area trout water and fly rod setups just to scratch the surface. Our reputation as THE big fish catchers is well known and it comes from working and plying these waters most every day. We welcome first time fly fishermen who have literally never touched a fly rod before as well as the world traveled veteran who wants the best education on this wonderful tailwater trout fishery. And if it's an education you want, nobody covers more ground in a day than we do. We don't fish a spot or two all day just because there are fish there. We can show you a lot of the river and many of our favorite "secret" locations that will keep you away from crowds and in to fish.

The pictures don't lie...Big Fish!...LOTS of fish!!!..that's what we're all about.

Wade Trips - There's nothing quite as exciting as sight casting to big fish. We are probably best known for catching literally hundreds of fish over 20" every year and many of those come during our wading trips. We know the Trophy Section of Taneycomo intimately and whether it's a 100 fish day you're looking for or stalking the big ones, we know where they hang and we can take you there. If you want to learn a lot of water we can make some serious tracks covering many miles of water. If a more casual experience is what you're looking for there are many good areas we can fish within a short walk of where we park or beach the boat. And that's just Taneycomo. We know local trout water that is virtually untouched where we can wade and catch fish all day long and probably never see another person. It's fun, fun stuff!

Boat Trips - Taneycomo is a tailwater trout fishery which means there is always a chance of water generation from the base of Table Rock Dam. When that happens, wade fishing becomes difficult, if not impossible, and that's when we hit the boat. Boat fishing is fantastic with great action throughout the entire Trophy Section. Our Guides are United States Coast Guard licensed boat captains and are Red Cross certified in CPR and First Aid. ONLY a USCG Licensed Captain can legally guide people on Lake Taneycomo in a motorized vessel. Our boats are long and wide with elevated platform decks for plenty of walking around room for fly casting. With a motorized boat we can make repeated runs back up river and then drift down through the best areas many times during a trip. It's the only effective way to fish Taneycomo during heavy water generation.

Combo Trips - Either by choice or necessity, our Combo Trips offer you the best of both worlds. Some people prefer to wade but also want to keep fishing when the water kicks on. Others may not have the physical ability or desire to walk all day and opt for a break in the likes of a casual drift in the boat. We are the ONLY fly fishing outfitters on Taneycomo who provide this option. Usually our Combo Trips are utilized by people who prefer to wade but want to keep fishing when water generation starts. Sometimes though it's a nice end to a day of walking and wading where kicking back in a cushioned swivel chair and a cold one sounds better than walking. We're pretty casual about it too.We can gear your day to just about anything you want to do.

What we provide - We will provide you with everything you need to learn how to fly fish and ultimately catch fish catch fish. If you want or need to use our equipment we use some of the best name brands in the business like Scott Rods, G.Loomis, Temple Fork, Ross Reels among others. We'll get you set up with breathable, stocking foot Hodgman Waders and rubber soled boots (now mandatory in Missouri). If you have your own gear we would recommend 4 to 5 wt rods in the 8 - 9' lengths but 2 and 3 wt rods can be used with great success in the right conditions. You can go up to a 6 wt when specifically targeting big fish but because we use fairly light tippet on most of our trips, anything heavier than a 6wt isn't recommended.

On full day trips we provide a full lunch with snacks and drinks and on half day trips we provide drinks. If you have a special dietary need please discuss that with us before the trip.

We will also pick you up and drop you off on full day trips.

On sunny days we recommend sunglasses (polarized copper color are best) sunscreen and believe it or not, a fleece lined windbreaker, pants and hat. It's often quite cool on foggy, summer mornings. You can always layer off as it gets warm. Winter fishing can be fairly warm or quite cold especially on the boat rides back upstream. While mid 40's are average temps here it can hit 70 or even in the teens so prepare for the cold and hope for the sun. Layers of fleece both top and bottom with warm hats, gloves and an outer shell of wind breaking fabrics. We use the Hot Hands a lot in the winter. We have them at the shop as well as a full line of fleece items if you forget. Rain gear is always a good idea to bring in all weather. It's only when you need it when you wish you had it.

Rates - Our rates are very competitive, plus you get our guarantee. Catch fish, or your trip is free!

Wade Trip Full Day (8 hours)
$315 for 1 person
$355 for 2
$395 for 3
$455 for 4

Wade Trip 3/4 Day (6 hours)
$315 for 1 person
$295 for 2
$335 for 3
$385 for 4

Wade Trip Half Day (4 hours)
$199 for 1 person
$245 for 2
$285 for 3
$335 for 4

Boat Trip Full Day (8 hours)
$325 for 1 person
$365 for 2
$425 for 3
$485 for 4

Boat Trip 3/4 Day (6 hours)
$275 for 1 person
$295 for 2
$355 for 3
$405 for 4

Boat Trip Half Day (4 hours)
$225 for 1 person
$245 for 2
$295 for 3
$355 for 4

Combo Trips (3/4 Day - 6 hours)
$285 for one person
$315 for 2
$375 for 3
$425 for 4

Combo Trips (Full Day - 8 hours+)
$345 for one person
$375 for 2
$435 for 3
$495 for 4

Combo trips are typically booked for those who prefer to wade fish but want to have the flexibility to go to the boat if high water generation limits their opportunities. If we end up wading the entire day then you will only be charged for a wading rate. If they run water all day and we only fish from a boat then the boat trip rate will be charged. If we do both either by choice or necessity then the combo trip rate will be applied.

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