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Chartered Waters Instruction

Casting Instruction - If you've never touched a fly rod in your life we can have you developing a solid casting stroke within 5 to 10 minutes. Part of your guided trip with us will cover the proper casting stroke then applying it throughout the day catching fish. Even a seasoned veteran can learn a thing or two and if you're new to the sport, a good casting stroke will not only help you deliver the fly properly but will help keep you tangle free and a much happier fisherman throughout the day. Feel free to come in to the shop for a free casting lesson. Whether it's learning it for the first time or maybe you want to work on your distance casting or accuracy, we can help you out and it's no charge at all.

Fly Tying Instruction - Are you wanting to get in to fly tying but don't know where to start? Come by the shop for a free fly tying lesson. There is usually someone here who can show you the basics but it's best to call ahead and schedule some time. The people who tie for us are held to the highest standards and if you can tie a Chartered Waters Original pattern correctly you can tie anything. We have the biggest fly tying supply of materials in the area and we can get you going in the right direction. There are a handful of flies that are easy to tie and that will catch fish here on Taneycomo. From there you'll find the world of fly tying an ever expanding one where you're always learning new patterns and techniques. It's a lot of fun. Stop by and we'll set you up.

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