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Catch and Release Replicas

Catch and Release Replicas - 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. If I have any god given ability other than fly fisherman/teacher, it's being an artist. I've been illustrating wildlife since I could walk and I learned the art of traditional taxidermy in my early 20's. My life in the corporate world consisted of being an illustrator/graphic designer and creative director. What does this mean to you, a person looking in to having a fish replica made? Well, I'm not only the guy creating the replica but the guide who helped you catch the fish, take the photos, download them to and print them from my computer. I know every square inch of a trout's composition and have seen every shade, hue, spot pattern and everything else of every trout you can think of. If you didn't catch the fish with us just a photo (digital or otherwise) is good enough to recreate a life like replica second to none. While the painting process is incredibly important, the form of the fish is another feature that makes your fish unique. There are a handful of sources where you can purchase blank fish forms to build replicas from. I get forms that match your fish in length and girth. From there, I spend many hours sculpting the fish especially around the head making your replica fish an exact match to the original. From a hooked jaw to a scar on the nose or a shredded fin from fanning a spawning bed...if you like, we will match the replica to your fish in every detail.


Prices for all species: Price is for a standard, side view / wall mount on driftwood or a plaque with name plate.

1" to 19" - $495

20" - 24" - $550

25" - 27" - $595

28" - 30" - $650

31" - 34" - $725

over 34" - call for a quote.


All prices include your fish mounted on a traditional plaque or a piece of driftwood with a name plate detailing all the specific catch and release information. Pedestal or 3-D mounts that show all sides of the fish require more painting, detail and construction of the base and we add 1/3 more to the price shown below.


Here's a short list of some of our finished pieces. We can do ANY species equally well even though we live on a trout stream where our guide service and trout shop are located.

A lot of time, effort and detail goes in to each and every replica we make. There is no cookie cutter formula we use for every species. Each fish is very unique as you can see from our finished pieces. Whether it's the color scheme of the fish, its markings or the overall shape in general, we strive for perfection, matching your replica to the actual fish you caught.

Countless hours go in to prepping your fish before it even gets its first application of paint. I've always said that the "eyes" are the most important part of a replica mount if you want to make it look real. Sculpting is the key. The prep work involving the sculpting process is well thought out. Setting the eyes and sculpting the unique proportions of your fish is what makes or breaks the finished piece.

These truly are pieces of art and each one is treated that way.

Just before the finishing gloss coat is applied, the colors and unique markings are created. It's kind of what I call the ugly stage of the process.

The colors are applied in many different layers using the highest quality paints available on the market. It's not before the detailing is done and the eyes are cleaned does the final product start to look like your fish.

Finally, we use some really cool mounting techniques from the classic wall mounts to 3D table mounts and just about anything you can think of. If you have an idea that's out of the ordinary let us know and we should be able to do it. For our fish here in the Taneycomo Tailwater I like using actual river rock to make my name plates. Then I'll usually add the actual fly that was used to catch the fish with.

We hope you consider us for your next replica mount. Our expertise and attention to detail is evident by our finished pieces. Give us a call or email us and we'll make the wonderful memory you had of catching that fish last a lifetime. You've cared enough to let that fish go for another fisherman to enjoy. We greatly appreciate that noble gesture and that's why we only do replicas. Thank you for your time and consideration. Brett Rader - owner/guide of Chartered Waters Trout Shop and the only person who will work on your replica.

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