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We can sing our own praises all day long, but so can everyone else. Here's our truth detector. A handful of testimonials from some of our past customers. Unedited and's What They Say!


Hey Brett,

Thanks again for another great outing. While we really had our hearts set on wading, it was good to go in the boat and learn a new technique for Taneycomo. You just never know what the release schedule is going to be and this may give me another option in the future.

My friends Jeff and Zeke really enjoyed themselves, especially your attention to detail and willingness to teach while out on the water.

I also want to thank you for the recommendation you gave us for wade fishing on our own the next day. We absolutely crushed them and of course your micro baitfish fly, M-Scuds and W-2 Eggs were responsible for a ton of fish.

Thanks again Brett.

I've never been disappointed after spending a day on the water with you.


P.S. When you get a chance give me a call as I need to place an order for some more flies.


Hi Brett,

Thank you for setting out some current (Chartered Waters) hot scuds for me to pick up this morning. I had an awesome morning. There was no water being generated and I went to the rebar area. I fished the first riffle hole just before the rebar hole.
I used #12 coral scuds with #22 olive or gray dropper I did catch one on the #12 but all others on the #22's.

Once the fog lifted i could see a big trout in the hole and I started sight casting and controlling the drift to pass over the fish. I caught all the others around the big one and till it was the only one I could see and finally had the big fish on after the others were gone. It took me a good 10 minutes to bring him in. I tried to land the fish as quickly as possible as you instructed, but I just could not get the big boy out of the current with the 7x tippet. It was an 18" fish. The biggest I have caught so far here at Taneycomo.

After releasing the fish, I went back to the hole and caught fish consistently in the hole as they moved in. After about 20 minutes another big fish moved in. I sight casted and tried to control my drift and and after about 10 tries, I had him on. The fish was pretty lethargic compared to the first fish. It did not jump so frequently like the first. After about 4 minutes i brought it to the net. It was the same length as the first. I am convinced it was the same fish because of size and the lethargic fight. I think it was still tired from the first battle. Your flies are so good, even fish with sore mouth cannot resist them.

Thanks for all the excellent instruction you gave when you guided for me last year. Because of your excellent instruction, I can fish with confidence that I will catch fish at Taneycomo.

On a side note. There were about 6-8 other fisherman around me while I fished and I never saw one of them with a fish on the 90 minutes I fished. Some of them came up to me and asked me how I was catching so many fish. I told them I was shooting them with 22's and 7x tippet. I gave a couple of them your name and suggested they contact you to order the same scuds I was using.

You instructed me so well, I may never have need to employ you as a guide again, but as long as you are in business, I will continue to order my flies from you.

Thank you for making these easily available. I hope to come back down this fall and will be contacting you again if I do.

Best Regards, Dan Turbull


brett - shelley

good afternoon

it was good to see you all again-sorry we did not get to go fishing though-
just wanted to let you know how it went for me-i fished the flat down to rebar mostly and the white g-bug, scud shell, and the w-2 eggs were killer-had people asking what i was using and had to tell them, some said they had heard of them before and wondered where to get them-so i was able to sell them some out the black market i have in my pickup for $5.00 apiece-they thought that flies that good were worth it
they left smiling that they had finlly scored on the famous g-bug
just kidding about the black market-

other stuff worked good too-soft hackles and sculpins but the real killer for me last weekend was the g-bug/w-2 set up the red/orange w2 was the best by far

glad inventory is over for you guys-i will bet you are too-we may be back in jan again and if we are maybe we can go out-

take care of yourselves and tell the kids howdy for me



I was fishing trout w/you on Sunday and had a wonderfull time. My son can't stop talking about it.

Thank you,
Gavin B Messer



Thanks for the trip, Austin and I had a lot of fun and learned some techniques that will definitely help us in the future.

Thanks again,
Jay Armstrong

Thanks for the great trip and we both hope to see you next year. For two persons that had never cast a fly rod before, Brett Rader helped surprise both of us by his instruction. Not to brag but by the end of the day Cindy and I sort of took everything we learned and really put it together. It's the most trout we have ever caught and well we are now really hooked to the Fly. Brett's service is just great. Finally getting a chance to watch him fish at the end of the day, we were able to observe his own style that makes him so great, a real professional! With his knowledge, well, it's just so amazing we were catching many fish while others close to us just didn't hook into them as we did. Yep folks, so to speak we really got our money's worth from Brett. Two days later we set off on our own ( since we were worn out from the full day trip with Brett) with some more help from Brett setting us up some Fly rigs and other equipment: For first-timers we did fairly well. We had to spend some time re-rigging and yes we really missed having Brett along to get us out of those, since with his service he always has another rig ready when we messed one up. Brett really knows what he's doing! We can't wait till the next trip to Taneycomo since we'll be looking to Brett's guide service again (Chartered Waters Trout Shop). Also he has a fine selection of equipment and his prices are very fair.

Al and Cindy - Alabama

I've been intending to write since we returned home from our trip weekend after last to Taneycomo.Thanks for posting the pics of Josh and me and for the write-up. Josh is still talking about the trip and can't wait for the opportunity to fish with you again. Cindy also had a great time and has related to a number of her friends the excitement of her experience getting into the fish. My thanks to you for the great afternoon on the lake. Like Josh, I'm looking forward to the next opportunity to come your way and use your excellent guide service.

Bob Johnson - Oklahoma

Brett -
Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all the trouble Shelley took to get our order taken care of. I know that she went to some extra effort to make sure things got straightened out in a hurry. I took a trip to BSSP after Christmas to float the Niangua with a buddy to try out some of the new gear I had gotten for Christmas so I guess now I'll have to plan another trip to try out the latest shipment!! Like I told the wife, there's always an upside to every situation! The other items arrived today with no issues. I am really impressed with the fishpond traveling fly tying kit bag. I hadn't seen it in person and I really like the way it's laid out on the inside. Pockets and holders for everything one needs to travel with on an extended trip. I would definitely suggest this item to anyone looking for a good travel bag for their tying gear.

It looks like I'm going to have to take off the 10th of feb. instead of the 3rd for that fishing trip. I would love to fish the NFOW but would also be willing to hit the Norfork or White tailwaters if generation schedules cooperated. I've got a trip planned later this month to float the White again in my pontoon so I'll know a little more about the fishing there when the time comes. I'm going to have to try my boat out on Taney I guess as I've really started to enjoy fishing from it. The ability to get away from all the other fishermen and explore new spots is something I really like.

By the way those W-2 eggs have been tearing up the fish in the Niangua and in the park at BSSP. I've lost almost all of the ones I picked up last time I was in the shop and my ties don't look as good ( imagine that!). I'm hoping to make it down to Taney before my Arkansas trip later this month so I'll be sure and stop by the shop when I'm down. Let me know about the 10th for the trip. Talk to you later..........


Brett - The first thing I did today when I arrived to work was check your fishing report to see if you had been able to encounter the same dry fly bite that I had on Saturday. I was glad to hear that you got in on a little action even with the adverse conditions. As you stated in your report I was EXCITED about my day on Taney Saturday. I feel blessed to be able to spend a lot of time on the water fly fishing and if asked I'd say that I've had my share of those great fishing days that we all look forward to. Saturday was one notch above those great fishing days for me, the kind of day that leaves you feeling excited and almost amazed at what just happened.

I started off the morning about 8:00 just below outlet #1, sight fishing to some schools of fish cruising in the shallows. I've come to really enjoy this type of fishing at Taney as it seems that a lot of these fish get ignored by others therefore making them more willing to take a fly in my opinion. In a little over an hour I had already topped my numbers from the previous days struggles on the White, so with no sizeable fish to be seen and people starting to filter down from the parking lots I decided to head downstream and search out a spot less traveled. I got to my first destination and stopped to look around, nobody within 100 yards of me either direction and a few fish working, I can handle this. The first few casts with the G-Bug tandem I was using each produced a fish, and I started to notice all of the surface activity around me. I decided that a soft hackle would be a good call and tied on a small brown soft hackle with a G-Bug dropper. Again the first few casts produced strikes or fish on the soft hackle. As I took a few minutes to just stop fishing and look around me I began to realize that as far as I could cast in any direction there were fish actively midging on top in shallow water. I was starting to get a little excited by this time thinking that I might get in on a decent Dry fly bite if I was lucky and this continued. I tried a few small midge imitations I had, as well as a #22 BWO that I had been using at BSSP, I caught fish on every fly I tried but continued to get 5 to 1 refusals over takes. When I finally tied on the #16 Griffith's Gnat (a much simpler generic midge pattern than I had been trying previously) things started to get fun. I can't even venture to say how many casts in a row I caught fish on, or exactly how many fish I caught, but by 12:00 I had a smile on my face that you couldn't have wiped off with an orbital sander! At times I felt almost guilty not sharing this experience with someone else, having this spot and those fish all to myself, almost. Although the largest fish I taped was a 17 1/2 inch bow, the best fish of the day gave me quite a thrill considering it didn't even make the net. With the wind blowing pretty good where I was at my casts were not long distance and many of the fish I could see rising to the fly before they ever got there. On this particular cast I was intently watching the dry fly when from off to the side I see this large darkly colored rainbow rising towards my fly. As he gets closer (this all seemed like slow motion as I can still picture that fish rising to the fly!) I realize this is a really nice fish! That take is one I won't soon forget, his hookjaw breaking the surface and taking my fly. I only had that fish on for 15 seconds before he broke my 7x tippet and it was all over. A fish of about 23 or 24 inches I would guess, not huge by Taney standards at all, but maybe one of the more memorable fish I can remember. I never moved more than 10 yards from my original spot and never had any company in the area before I had to leave. By the end of the afternoon I was holding my casts until I saw a fish rise and targeting specific fish, something I don't think I have ever really done before with much success until then. I'm sure it will be a while before I get the chance to repeat such a day, where all the variables come together to create such unbelievable fishing, but I am definitely not leaving the truck without my Dry Fly box anymore when fishing Taney. Thinking back I believe that the wind direction and speed had a lot to do with my success that day. With the wind blowing pretty good right into the shallow water I was fishing, it was pushing the midges not able to make it off the surface film my direction and they were easy pickings for the trout who were in the area. Thus the success of the Griffith's Gnat which imitates a midge cluster.

Like yourself I believe that MOST of the time you will catch more and bigger fish nymphing than fishing dry, but if you encounter the same conditions I did make sure you give the dry fly a chance, it might just turn out to be one of your best days ever on the water. I fully expect it won't be long and I'll be reading a Chartered Waters report about an incredible day of dry fly fishing for one of your clients. I'll be keeping an eye out for those new "secret" midge patterns you're creating and be watching for that report.

Tight Lines,
Jeff House

Thanks for helping me out in the shop over this past weekend. I had some good takes on the egg patterns…I need to learn how to tie those.

I didn't have much luck on the G-Bugs, however, I was catching fish on my own ties so the G-Bugs didn't see a lot of time in the water.

I fished fast shallow runs without an indicator and did well…plenty of takes on small midge pupae, mayfly emergers, and tung-bead black pheasant tails...(didn't have to mess with a split shot).

The river was very wade-able and crowded…not used to fishing around guys with little etiquette (walking through a run I was sight fishing). The sun kept things manageable on Monday, but the wind was bitterly cold on Tuesday.

Again, thanks for help in the shop and I'll be sure to head down again sometime...

Jim Houser

Hi Brett,
Brad, Gary , and me ( J.J.) took a guided trip with you back in August of this year. We were very lucky and got to wade all day. It was the first fly fishing any of us had ever done. Both Gary and myself are big bass fisherman and enjoyed the trout fishing. I had always wanted to go on a fly fishing trip. I had such a great time, I knew that I would like to fly fish more in the future. I came in Friday December 7th to check out some flies and get a fishing report. When we were there last time, your shop was under construction, it turned out really nice. I ended up buying a Ross rod and Flystart II reel. The shop manager was very helpful in getting it set up and recommending some flies. We fished Saturday morning for about 3 hours around the outlets because they were running water. The fishing was pretty steady and we managed to catch 20+ nice rainbows and a couple of browns. We had some 18 inch fish but it was cold. Thanks for the information and training on fly fishing. Although I had a few tangles, I only had to re-rig once. I hope to be back over in February to catch some of those big rainbows. I will definitely stop by for some more flies and the fishing report while we are in town.

Thanks again for all of the education on fly fishing, you have opened my eyes to an unbelievably fun way of fishing.

See ya soon,
JJ Beal

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you again for a great afternoon of fishing last Sunday the 2nd. We thoroughly enjoyed it and the time went by quickly as we always had a fish on the line, as usual when we are out with you. I learn something new from you on each visit that adds to my success rate each time I am out. Hope to get down again soon. Thanks again!

John Bredahl

I was so impressed and pleased with you and your excellent knowledge of the trout fishing and catching trout at Lake Taneycomo. Thank you for your gentile way and patience with me in clearing away the rust from my fly fishing past. I fished every morning @ 7:00, to about 9:00 or 10:00, while we were visiting Branson and caught more fish than I could count. The largest that I measured was a 19" Brownie. Thanks again and God Bless you and your family. Thanks for the write up about my outing!

J Stan - New Jersey

I just wished to thank you again for the fantastic year you helped me achieve. Your expertise and hospitality was the best. Without your eyes and experience I certainly couldn't have had the day I had in October. Wow, what a day! A day I will never forget. And your help and patience recently when Patrick and I came down was greatly appreciated. Patrick really enjoyed the day and i think we've made a budding fly fisherman. We both accomplished our goals for the day, he to catch fish, and he caught many, and me to have a shot a one nice rainbow, and you helped me accomplish that with that beautiful 24" fish you spotted for me. I can't expect next year to match this year, but I know when I fish with you the unexpected can happen and there is always a chance at really good things.

Thanks Much, Ken

P.S. I called and told patrick he had won the reel and he was really excited.

I had the best time fishing with you last week, enjoyed using the fishpond products, and catching rainbows. The fly tying is going well and I caught some more fish on Saturday last week with the olive/brown G-Bug.

Thanks for the great time fishing.

Mike Fritz

Just wanted to send you a note to tell you what a great time Dennis and I had fishing with you last Friday. Saturday morning we were back out below outlet #4 and caught fish at and below the island. Almost all were caught on the scud. Thanks for all the advice, your patience and a great fishing trip. Hope you and your family enjoy the upcoming holidays.

Paul and Dennis

Brett - Shelley
Good afternoon
It was good to see you all again-sorry we did not get to go fishing though just wanted to let you know how it went for me. I fished the flat down to Rebar mostly and the white G-Bug, Bit Scud Shell, and the W-2 Eggs were killer. Had people asking what I was using and had to tell them, some said they had heard of them before and wondered where to get them so i was able to sell them some out on the black market I have in my pickup for $5.00 a piece. They thought that flies that good were worth it. They left smiling that they had finally scored on the famous G-Bug. (just kidding about the black market) Other stuff worked good too. Soft hackles and sculpins but the real killer for me last weekend was the G-Bug/W-2 set up and the red/orange/coral W2-Egg was the best by far.

Glad inventory is over for you guys. I will bet you are too. We may be back in Jan again and if we are maybe we can go out.

Take care of yourselves and tell the kids howdy for me



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