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October 19th and 20th, 2007- The 2007 Catch Fish Classic had a great turnout with some of the best people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Most of them I knew from previous trips or visits in the shop but many were new to us and we were excited to welcome them in to the Chartered Waters family.


I was pretty casual on fishing day. I was a guide for anyone who wanted me. Took some pictures and just hung out with our friends. We had several first timers who I spent most of my time with each day starting their new careers from scratch. We strung up a few rods....gave casting and fishing lessons and then actually went out and caught a lot of fish. Our tournament was all catch and release and you could measure every fish you caught if you wanted to but only counted your 4 best fish over the two days.

Danny "California" (he wouldn't tell us his last name) and Rudy managed a few double hookups in my time there.

They caught them on just about everything but gray midges seemed to be the best overall.

Jeff (foreground) and Dave caught fish but had to work at it more than you do at Taneycomo.

Jeff had just released one when I walked up and took this picture. The guy who did the best was rookie sensation Dale Sharp using a #16 purple/wine SG-Bug most all day and hooking up a lot! He was the day one leader. I stopped by Roaring River as a few of our boys played around there for a while. Here's Dewey and Rick admiring each others fishing shirts. Don't ask Don't tell! Just kidding guys. These two were a lot of fun all weekend.

Here's a little rainbow I caught in my favorite fishing hole at Roaring River.

Caught on an olive/brown SG-Bug #20. Go to campground #2...follow it as far down as you can....walk to the river and you'll be greeted by a great little riffle loaded with eager fish. I refined The G-Bug in that little riffle I don't know how many years ago. I fished it as a #16 initially and just kept getting it smaller and smaller until I found the perfect trout size...a #20. It was at least a fish a drift in there. Still fun after all these years.

Saturday we were blessed with water off but more people on Taney than I had EVER seen in my life there. Our little diddy added a little to that mess but man, it was tough finding some comfort room. I took the Rookies to The Rock and they were in to fish very well. Here's Vic and Juliet with a couple of early fish.

Rudy helping Juliet with a fish then Michigan Dan and Jeff House.

This event was all about having fun. Yeah we had some awards in the end but so many people got to meet each other and I like to think many new friends were made. Here's one of our past trip customers Leon with a gorgeous rainbow he caught down the North Bank.

I helped him net that fish before taking the pic. I took Jeff Miller and Juliet Roe over to The Upper South Pool. It was the ONLY place where there weren't other fishermen, it rarely does and it was good enough for a handful of doubles and quite a few fish caught by both of these rookies.

Big fish of the tournament was this fantastic 24" brown by Phillip Anderson.

That fish plus a few smaller ones earned him 3 overall in the Championship Flight. He was about a month away from being eligible as a rookie. We defined a rookie by anyone that has fly fished less than a year or less than 5 times total in their lives. Dale Sharp and his son Tim were rookies this late summer when they took their first trip with us. They are both addicted and have taken a few trips with us since. I'm amazed and maybe a little proud at how far they've come in such a short time. They have a great feel for the sport and they're good enough to take 1st and 2nd in the Rookie division and 2nd and 4th in the Championship Flight. Here's Dale with his big fish of the event.

A beautiful 21" brown.

We had our dinner on Saturday at 5:00 at Trout Hollow and had a few adult beverages late in to the night. They were great partners in this event providing some goodies, space, great hospitality and friendly faces.

Here's Dave, working a captive audience.

We had a distance casting contest won by Dave Tilson. Second was Keith Roe and third was Jeff House. After the event a few folks went back to the shop with me and I tied up a couple of Soft Shelled Scuds to show them the techniques. Easily the biggest pain in the ass to tie of the entire Chartered Waters arsenal but also...the biggest giant killer we throw at these big browns.

First place in the Championship Flight went to Dave Hollman with 76" for his best four fish. 2nd was Dale Sharp, 3rd Phillip Anderson, 4th Tim Sharp and 5th was Keith Roe. Rookie Division Champ was Dale Sharp, second Tim Sharp, 3rd was Juliet Roe, 4th was Jim Rynearson and 5th was Jeff Miller. The ladies division Champ was Juliet Roe...smallest fish went to Matt Council with a 2" trout fry at Roaring River and maybe the most important award of all went to Jeff House. That award was Miss Congeniality! That was given to the one who was the most friendly and helpful to others throughout the two day event. Jeff's knowledge and willingness to help out on his expertise at Beaver was very helpful to everyone and while we all got a good laugh out of it at the awards ceremony it was what we wanted this event to be all about. Fun, friendly and helpful. A casual fishing get together where nothing was taken too serious. Everyone is already talking about next year and we will definitely be doing it again. It was a blast and great to see great people in one place.

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