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Jeremiah this morning w our spinning gear set up...putting the hurt on some fish:)

I forgot to mention we saved a guy the other day...water was blasting late afternoon and he was stuck on the island above Trophy Run...we were the only ones out there at the time? trip was very helpful and understanding and our new friend was very appreciative.

It wasn’t an easy git in 4 hard units I gotta say...we had a narrow little window of an area where we could get close enough to him wo hitting rocks all while keeping pace w a strong current so we didn’t get swept down and under some logs below us. We got it done and brought him back over to the boat ramp safe and sound. Good thing the fish were biting ‘upstream’ that day? 📷😆

A little sketchy but exciting...but like my dad once said (after we took a REALLY sketchy float plane trip together in Canada)...” it’s not exciting if there’s not at least a little bit of a chance you could die”

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