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Our wade trips are a lot of fun and consistently the best way to catch the biggest fish. Depending on the time of year, there are MANY wade fishing options on Taneycomo and its tributaries. Water off (not generating) is our preferred condition and it gives us a shallow, slow moving tail water that usually requires pretty small bugs. #20-#24 scuds and midges are common patterns with an occasional sculpin or soft hackle working well. 

We'll show you sight casting to big fish or groups of fish with lots of little cool tricks and techniques that will make your future fishing excursions much more productive.

Water generation on Lake Taneycomo is random and can be unpredictable. If your first choice is wade fishing then we will make every effort possible to accomodate you. However at certain levels of generation, wade fishing becomes impractical and unproductive and fishing from a boat is your only good solution. We simply ask that you remain flexible and wiling to fish from a boat when conditions dictate. 



When you have a party of 5-8 people that you want to keep together on your trip then a pontoon boat is a great solution. Part of your price includes a pontoon rental at the rate of $200.00  for 4 hours or $300.00 for 8 hours. The farther ahead you  book your group, the more likely the area resorts will have pontoons available for rent. 



Whether its by choice or by necessity, sometimes a combo trip is the best and most comprehensive way to see the most of the great Taneycomo fishery. 

A typical day on Taneycomo will find water off (no generation) in the morning, then some amount of generation in the afternoon, with water shutting off again sometime in the evening. We tend to follow that pattern ourselves and start our days wading until the water generation starts sometime mid day. 

In a perfect world (which it often is), we'll wade in the morning until the generation starts, take our lunch break, get out of our waders, then finish up the day in the boat catching a bunch of fish!