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8/5 - Sunny and 90's...lots of fish!!!

We've been in a great stretch of weather and a really good bite overall. The olive Baitfish jig is hard to beat from the boat and the water off...the last few days tho we've been using a two midge combo early for the best bite...mostly Zebras in a #18 in black, wine or red and all types of beads and wire wrap combos...then a lot of things start working when the sun comes up and the wind starts blowing.

Beautiful, healthy and full of life...these Taneycomo fish are prime specimens

...if you see me w green fingers?..theres a good chance the Olive Baitfish is hot!

...but when the water runs...this big (yet to be named) coral shad pattern just hammers them. Staying flexible with the flows that get thrown at you is key to catch fish and to keep catching fish throughout the day.

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